Why Do We Charge A non-refundable Setup Fee?


The setup fee is just that, a setup fee.

The setup fee is just that,  it’s a fee we charge to set up a new service (when a new customer commits to have their house treated by us and we commit to show up and treat their house on a certain date and time). This fee covers some, not all, of the cost involved of setting up a new customer and has nothing to do with the cost of the treatments we provide. That is why we call it a setup fee and one of the reasons we charge it before we put a new customer on the schedule. The cost to us is the same whether the customer follows through with their commitment of service or not.

(That is why it’s non-refundable)


The Cost

The setup fee covers our employees time that it takes to input the customers information into the system (during the initial phone call), the employees time it takes to setup the actual account and schedule the auto treatments for the year (after the phone call), the employees time it takes to setup the auto-payment account and schedule the 12 monthly payments (after the phone call) and the employees time it takes to setup the service agreements, email them and wait for them to be signed and returned. It also goes toward the texting cost of confirming an appointment (we pay a monthly fee and per text for texting). It also goes toward the cost of the actual system we use to setup a new customer (we pay the system company’s monthly fee). It also goes toward the lost revenue when a potential customer must go to another company because their preferred time is booked (we are in high demand and this does happen sometimes. Some will wait, some will not). 


pest control fee paid the day of initial treatment

We do not require the pest control fee to be paid before we show up to do the initial treatment/work. When we show up to do the initial treatment/work, the customer is then charged for the pest control service or the monthly payments for the service starts that day.  

Details About The Service

 This $29 monthly price is available online or you can also call to order this special (mention this special). This is a yearly pest control service with quarterly treatments and free service calls. This treatment has our Money Back Guarantee and is the same quality service we have been providing in Florida since 1999. The initial cost is a setup fee over the phone (1/2 the setup fee if you pay by the year) and the first $29 monthly payment. This treatment covers Ants, Spiders, Roaches, Fleas, Silverfish, Earwigs, House Crickets, and Wasp. The treatment areas are - inside the home, the garage, the attic, the exterior of the house (Wall, Windows Sills, doors etc.) and about 3 feet barrier around the house. We also sweep down the spider webs on the outside of your home. This treatment is very thorough and is designed to keep pest from infesting your home for a year.  and the yearly price is broken down to small monthly payments. There is a minimum of 12  monthly payments (if canceled before 12 monthly payments, an early cancellation fee applies). This special is available for homes up to 3000 Square Feet (Lager homes do get a discounted rate). We are licensed, insured and have been in business since 1999. ​The special is for a limited time and will be discontinued as soon as the available slots are filled. In other words, this online special can end at any time. No other coupons, special or discounts can be applied. ​